Hand Car Wash

If you don't want to send your vehicle through a car wash tunnel and prefer a personal touch, let our trained professionals give your vehicle a hand wash/wax & vacuum. Don't really need a hand car wash/wax & vacuum at the moment but would like to get your custom wheels detailed. That's no problem. Or maybe you've been meaning to get those dull and cloudy headlights restored, we do that too! just call us and make an appointment. 

Some detailing services include

Hand Car Wash/Wax & Vacuum
Interior Shampoo
Scratch Removal
Oxidation Removal
Hard Water Spot Removal
Paint Sealant
Fabric Treatment
Leather Conditioning
Headlight Lens Restoration

Need more than a Car wash? How about a complete detail? No problem, just drop your car off for a "day of beauty" and let our pro's provide you with the same quality and expertise our customers have come to expect and appreciate over the years.

Green Car Wash        

We may be the only "Green" hand car wash in Jacksonville and that's important to us for the safety and preservation of our rivers and waterways. We send our waste water to be treated and not to "sleep with the fishes"! Owner and avid fisherman Kevin McCave well understands and believes in environmental responsibility. 

 By using low phosphate, bio-degradable cleaning products and implementing a waste water reclaim system which only empties into the city sewer treatment system and not into our rivers and streams, we are doing our part to help give our waterways a healthy future with many fish to catch.  All of us at Auto Preservation are proud to service any of your car care needs and appreciate all the business our customers have given us through the years.

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Please contact us for all your auto detailing needs. Conveniently located 10417-1 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville Fl. 32246 next to the Hess station.

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